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Excellent work Sidney! I love the 3rd close up shot!


I like all of these but I love the last one. Somehow you always seem to know how to capture the people you shoot just right!


Tena koe ehoa
Quite incredulous the amount of fish to be seen in one place, almost looks over populated or over farmed. A strange variety as well Sidney the liks of which I never seen.


Hi, these are great, I really enjoyed browsing here,


Great to see all your b&w shots, they really suit your reportage style.


Great capture. I like particularly your second shot of silver fish.


however with one perfect lighting system, from the small fish to that
large one

your great history of the Philippines



I just love the 2nd image from the top and the 2nd image from the bottom. Absolutely lovely!!


the flipping fish is my favorite....perfect timing and movement...also i like the silvery tone of bw here...nicely done:-))

Gérard Méry

quel est ce poisson ? qui est en grande quantité.

Otto K.

Wonderful set, Sidney. Horrible about the damage done by the typhoon.

charles ravndal

Ooohhh Tons of fishes!


mon favori poisson s'appelle kitong en cebuano


Wow, great fish shots here, I can see the things living.
Dreadful shame about the damage the typhoon caused to the stock!


Wow, Sidney! My new favourite set!

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